Non Slip Heat Shrink Tubing price

  • Fishing heat shrink tubing
    KeHong A-2(NS)
    Flexible, single wall, low shrinkage temperature, special textured non Slip heat Shrink Tubing.
    Skid proof flower lined heat shrink tubing is made of high-polymer with scientific formula, via advanced technology processing. It has the advantage of environment friendly, flexible, skid proof, perfect appearance, fast shrinkage, and stable performance.
    Application and Spec.:
    Widely used in fishing and sports, fishing tackle, sports fittings, health equipment and commodities, etc.
    1. Shrink ratio: 2:1
    2. Shrinking temperature: Start at 70°C, and full recovery at 110°C
    3. Operating temperature:-55°C~105°C
    Application Photo
    Packing Photo
    Standard packing: 1m/pcs, we can cut the non shrink heat shrink tube into short pieces based on special requirement.Non Slip Heat Shrink Tubing price

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