Customized Flushable Cat Litter

  • Product Description of OEM Flushable Cat Litter :
    1.Super clumping
    2.Strong odor control
    3.Low dust
    4.Natural fragrance:
    Apple, Lemon, Orange, Lavender, Rose, Baby powder and so on.
    Raw material100% Sodium Bentonite
    ApparanceBroken irregular granules
    Granule size0.5-3.0mm
    ColorBlue gray/Yellow white
    FragranceNo scents, apple, lemon, lavender, jasmine and so on.
    Water adsorptionAbove 400%
    The Feature of our OEM Flushable Cat Litter:
    Machining Process of OEM Flushable Cat Litter:
    Our OEM Flushable Cat Litter form clumping instantly on contact with liquid
    Below you can see the step-by-step instructions how this cat litter works
    Loading & Shipping of OEM Flushable Cat Litter:Customized Flushable Cat Litter

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