german quality Carton Packing Machine

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    Full auto Carton packing machineCarton open fill and sealing machine
    PET bottle packing machine for bottled beverage
    This carton package equipment adopts PLC control, automatic and easy operation, mainly turning using motor-driven, rotating through the chain, sprocket speed at all levels. automatic, reliable control, simple adjustment, intelligent actions and other features, the carton package machine can be widely used in beverage, wine, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
    Technical Standards:
    powerAC 220V/380V--50/60HZ ,10KW
    packing speed10-25 carton/min
    pack typecarton
    containersdiameter:50-108mm; height:70-360mm
    packslength:350-450mm; width:20-330mm; height: 85-360mm
    hot melting glue solidify time1.5-2.5 second
    working pressure0.6-0.8 Mpa, 1500L/min
    overall size6250mm*2582mm*2115mmgerman quality Carton Packing Machine

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